Handsome Jack the Troll 3D Printed Bust

Handsome Jack the trollĀ is a character bust I sculpted based on the troll race of the Shadowrun roleplaying game universe.
These are 2 prints of my sculpt. both of these are Raw prints with no finishing and no paint.

Large: 4.5 inches (115mm)
Print time: 11 Hours 25 mins.

Small: 1.75 inches (44mm)
Print time: 3 Hours 20 mins.

Both versions were Printed on a Form 1+ at 0.05mm layer setting.


With thick, curled horns on their heads (some trolls prefer to have them cut, while others polish them with pride), spiky protrusions of calcium on their joints, and individual muscles that are larger than a full-grown pig, trolls give the immediate impression that they are built for destruction. Most of them are able to live up to that image. Not all trolls, though, are about absorbing and inflicting damage. They have tried to find their way into different roles, but their large size combines with cultural stereotypes to make it hard for them to fit in. Orks tend to be the most accepting of trolls, and the two metatypes often inhabit the same neighborhoods. Typically these are not the most resource-rich neighborhoods in any given sprawl.