Asteroid Blasters … In SPACE!!!

Save the Universe from rogue drones out to destroy humanity! Test your piloting skills in 30 waves of asteroid blasting combat, rank up with power ups, and challenge multiple enemy ships and zone bosses! Asteroid Blasters is an old school inspired top scrolling action space shooter! Full 3D environments, ships, asteroids and space debris with real time physics and shadows, high quality graphics designed with tablets in mind. See how deep into the asteroid field you can explore.

Jeremy and the newly formed team at Neural Entertainment set sights on a classic scroller style game for their first title. The¬†goal was to create a game that had and 80’s feel and visual style, but existed in a fully realised 3d environment. The resulting game had all the flavor of 1985 with a fun and addicting game play for Android mobile space.

“Asteroid Blasters … in SPACE!” shipped in the fall of 2013 for the android operating system and ¬†maintains a constant 4 star rating.